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Buy a Refurbished Sterilizer for Your Medical Center

Sterilization equipment is a critical part of any research center and hospital. Unfortunately, sterilizers and autoclaves are exceptionally expensive. How can you obtain such a necessary piece of equipment without spending thousands of dollars?

You can purchase a perfectly rebuilt, like-new sterilizer from Heartland Medical Specialties, Inc. We offer a remarkable selection of refurbished sterilizers at substantially discounted prices to help medical and research facilities cut equipment costs.

Why Should You Buy a Refurbished Sterilizer?

Sterilizers use extremely high temperatures and pressure to kill transmissible bacteria and viruses that linger on medical equipment. These important machines help all types of medical facilities and research centers reduce the spread of infection and disease.

Sterilizers need to be regularly calibrated, repaired, and tested to meet hospital safety standards. Without appropriate inspection and repair, sterilizers begin to break down. That’s where our team comes in.

Our staff purchases used sterilizers, performs a thorough inspection, and executes every necessary repair. By the time our team is done with the used sterilizer, it operates like a brand-new machine. Then, we sell these completely refurbished sterilizers at reasonable costs.

How Can You Buy a Refurbished Sterilizer Today?

Since 1987, Heartland Medical Specialties, Inc. has been selling rebuilt medical equipment and discounted medical supplies to hospitals and medical centers. Browse our collection to buy refurbished sterilizers and discover how you can save thousands of dollars by purchasing excellent used equipment.

To place an order, click on your preferred sterilizer model and hit Add to Quote.

If you have questions about our inventory of refurbished sterilizers, call us at (913) 541-1890. You can also email us at Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is happy to discuss the details of a particular product.

Please have your order number ready when you call, or put it in your email’s subject heading.