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NICU – Neonatal Securement Devices

Heartland Medical Specialties has a wide variety of well known brands in the neonatal (NICU) area of the hospital.Securement Devices NICU

Several offerings that have withstood the test of time in the care of premature infants are products from Cooper Surgical: INCA, an Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly, also NeoFit an ET tube stabilizer, and NeoPrep a skin barrier for the tender septum.

Salter Labs has two cannula securing adhesives: Cannulaid and Sticky Whiskers.

Airways Development provides us with an inexpensive water canister for bubble CPAP. Also a device called Cappette which secures high flow and CPAP cannulas w/o adhesives.

Vermed manufactures the Tender-Trode Plus electrodes with hydrocolloid adhesive allowing the electrode to remain in place for op to 5 days, guaranteed.

For full- term babies we have our family of gel packs to aid in heel stick procedures and transwarming mattresses to assist in mandatory thermo regulation.

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