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Electrode Leads

Tender Trode Plus

Vermed’s Tender Trode Plus line of Hydrocolloid products is designed for the unique needs of the neonatal market.  Each product uses Hydrocolloid instead of aggressive tape adhesives to prevent irritation to tender skin while providing long-term attachment.  ...

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Neonatal Leads

5-DAY WEAR TIME, GAURANTEED Long-term high humidity ECG electrode Hydrocolloid border provides long term attachment Save nursing time and resources with fewer electrode changes Hydrogel center provides excellent tracings Safe on neonatal skin Designed...

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Part Number: A10055-SRT 1” Diameter Prewired Cloth RT 3 per pouch 60 per case

Product Type: Neonatal Leads

Micro-Premie Leads

5-DAY WEAR TIME, GUARANTEED No cumbersome band Miro size can be used on limbs or on the body Safely secures to limbs without a strap that could reduce circulation Gentle hydrocolloid and hydrogel adhesives Safe on neonata skin Save nursing time...

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Part Number: A10058-SRT 1”x7/8” prewired Cloth RT 3 per pouch 60 per case

Product Type: Micro-Premie Leads

Tubing & Cannula Holders

Hydrocolloid is gentle on delicate skin. Provides a barrier between adhesives and tender skin. Eliminates irritation on skin from tape. Fold over flap, reduces stress on tubes. Open and close repeatedly for adjustment. Ideal...

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Part Number: A10085 & A10086 Tubing & Cannula Holder