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RAM High Flow Cannula Securement Device, Mini Whiskers

RAM High Flow Cannula Securement Device for CPAP, Oxygen Tubes, and Feeding Tubes

Securement Devices NICU

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Mini Whiskers:

RAM High Flow Cannula Securement Device, Mini Whiskers

  • helps keep cannula in place directly under infant’s nose with soft, low-profile Velcro®
  • secures with gentle hydrocolloid adhesive
  • easy to change placement of cannula
  • can be used for securing OG/NG Tubes
  • one size fits all
  • gentle on the skin
  • cost effective
  • easy to use Securement Device


Application Instruction:

Before Application: Remove cannula from package, clean with alcohol pad and dry completely.

1. Clean Infant’s skin with water and dry completely. Proper preparation of the infant’s skin is vital to the best performance of Mini Whiskers

2. Place the hydrocolloid adhesive patches on babies’ cheeks to achieve maximum securement.

3. Take adhesive strips and wrap the tubing close to the cannula in a candy cane design. Keep the wraps close and tight.

4. Place tubing with candy cane strips onto the hydrocolloid adhesive patches. Ensure the candy cane strips are secured only to the patch. (Do not overlap patch)

5. Clean or replace as needed.

6. To remove tape from the cannula start where the wrap ends.

7. Double click on picture to enlarge and view proper application.

Part number: MW 100-0-120

Price: $95, Box of 20

Part Number: MW 100

Product Type: RAM High Flow Cannual Securement Device, Mini Whiskers