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Your Source for Refurbished Operating Room Equipment

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The health care community relies on the help of precise and durable medical equipment to save lives.  Physicians and patients need equipment they can count on to deliver accurate results, especially during times of emergency.

At Heartland Medical Specialties, Inc. we provide dependable, cutting-edge medical equipment at competitive prices. As a US, veteran-owned and-operated business, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built for unwavering integrity and superior customer service. When you’re looking for high-quality refurbished products, turn to Heartland Medical Specialties, one of the nation’s most trusted distributors.

Save on Price Not Quality

Partnering with Seattle Technology Surgical Division, we extend the life of medical equipment so you can extend the lives of patients. ST Surgery’s team of experienced biomed engineers repairs and rebuilds each of our products from the ground up. Technicians meticulously test and calibrate each piece of refurbished operating room equipment to ensure it meets industry standards.

Because of our attention to detail and superior workmanship, you can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the best deals on the best equipment. When you buy refurbished surgical tables, operating room sterilizers, and surgical lights from us, the only thing you save on is price—not quality.

Choose From a Variety of Products

As your comprehensive supplier, we offer more than just a means for you to buy refurbished surgical lights. We provide complete solutions.

Browse our full range of refurbished products, including:

  • Anesthesia machines
  • Defibrillators
  • Electro surgical units
  • Microscopes
  • Patient monitors
  • Tourniquets

For every piece of brand new equipment, you can find a refurbished alternative at a reduced price. Contact Heartland Medical Specialties for a complete list of available products.

Call Dennis directly: 816-225-9543

Practice Medicine More Affordably

Practice health care more affordably by stocking your hospital or clinic with refurbished medical equipment. For information to buy refurbished sterilizers or information on a specific product, call Heartland Medical Specialties at 816-225-9543.




Surgical Tables


Surgical Lights


Electro Surgical Units


Anesthesia Machines


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Our Refurbishing Process

  • Completely disassemble each piece of equipment down to its component parts and rebuild it to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Each part is cleaned, inspected, repaired or replaced as needed and each equipment is rebuilt from the ground up by our qualified technicians and engineers.
  • The electrical and mechanical systems are overhauled as needed so that the medical device will be in like-new working order
  • Special attention is given to the painted finishes as well so that your new medical device will look as great as it works.
  • The final product is a high quality piece pf equipment that has been returned to the original manufacturer’s specifications and should provide your facility with many years of reliable service